How long is a plan check and permit good for?

A plan check application submitted to the Building and Safety Division is good for 180 days from the date of plan check submittal. An extension maybe granted by submitting a written request with detailed explanation with the reason for the extension prior to the expiration date of the plan check.

Health & Safety Code

Effective January 1, 2019 Assembly Bill (AB) 2913 adds a new Health and Safety Code Section 18938.6 to provide that a Building Permit can remain active so long as the work authorized by the permit was commenced within 12 months, and the work is not abandoned. In addition, the building official may grant one or more extensions of time for periods of not more than 180 days per extension. A permittee requesting such extensions must make the request in writing and demonstrate justifiable cause for the extension.

Residential Building Permits

For residential building permits, permittees need not comply with building standards issued subsequent to permit issuance so long as the permit is not deemed expired for certain reasons. Previously, a permit was deemed expired when work was not commenced within 180 days. AB 2913 extends that period to 12 months.

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