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Commission for the Advancement of Women & Girls Survey

  1. The purpose of this survey is to gain an understanding of the women and girls in our community, their needs, and in what manner the commission can provide support. We appreciate your participation, and please share with others. 

  2. 1. Are you a South El Monte resident?
  3. 2. How do you identify?
  4. 3. Do you identify as a woman?*
  5. 4. What is your age range?*
  6. 5. Please select all categories that describe you:
  7. 6. Please select the categories that best describe how COVID-19 has impacted you:
  8. 9. How do you think the City of South El Monte can be more supportive to you?
  9. Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey. Your input will create a community-designed commission. 

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