City Trees

The City of South El Monte has over 2,000 city trees on public-right-away, city parks and facilities that beautify our community. The city trees also provide significant benefits for our community members including improved air quality,  temperature moderation,  traffic noise reduction, safety  and increase property values.


The City contracts certified tree arborists to trim city trees city-wide. Trees on residential streets are pruned on a 2–3-year trim cycle. 

Emergencies, weather, and service requests do influence the schedule.

Residents and businesses are notified in advance of trimming of city trees with the placement of “No Parking” notices. Individuals are asked to follow the parking restrictions and not park on the street until the trees have been pruned and the area has been cleaned.


City Trees

Residents and businesses may report broken tree limbs or other issues with city trees to the Public Works Division by:

    Calling the Public Works Division at (626) 444-3158.

    Making an Online Service Request on the City’s website at

    Utilizing the “Access South El Monte” app from your smartphone

Trees on Private Property 

Property owners are responsible for trees, shrubs and bushes planted on their private property. Vegetation cannot impair the view of the street signs, or any other control devices or signs placed upon the streets for the safety and convenience of the public.

To report a tree located on private property that has branches that are hanging too low over a street or public right-of-way or is dangerous or an obstruction to public pedestrian, bicycle or vehicle travel, please call the Code Enforcement Department at the Customer Care Hotline at (626) 242-1666. 


For additional information, on city trees, please call the Public Works Division at  (626) 444-3158.