How to Correct an Equipment Violation

If the citation is an equipment violation (5200 or 5204(a) CVC), the fee can be paid, or the violation can be corrected. The violations below are considered "fix-it tickets" and need to be corrected plus the CERTIFICATE OF CORRECTION on the back of the cite needs to be completed by going to any Police, Sheriff, or  CHP Station.

  • Section 5200 CVC - Front and/or rear license plate not properly mounted and displayed 
  • Section 5204(a) - Expired Registration Tabs 

If the violation has been corrected and the CERTIFICATE OF CORRECTION on back of the citation has been properly signed-off, the fee will be reduced to $10. 

Note: For Section 5204(a), the current registration tabs must be affixed to the license plate before the citation can be signed-off by a Peace Officer. A copy of the registration is not sufficient even though the registration fees may have been paid to the DMV.